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Change continues to define the auto industry. Keeping up with consumer expectations requires improving productivity, efficiency and security with the correct information, resources and infrastructure.

New Connections That
Drive Dealer Success

CDK Global is releasing a full set of new modern APIs on the Fortellis platform. With this change, CDK is transitioning out of the Partner Program business, which impacts how CDK application data is accessed and how new connections are created. Modernizing Partner Program APIs and making them available on the Fortellis platform is a natural evolution, bringing speed, simplicity and efficiency to you and your customers. This is a multi-month project that will be implemented in stages over the next year.

CDK is transitioning current Partner Program Members over to the Fortellis platform where Dealers will have the choice to leverage third-party applications in our App Marketplace or build their own integrations with new modern APIs in the API Directory. This allows CDK to continue providing powerful and modern tools that dealers require for success.

CDK and Fortellis are committed to ensuring a smooth, disruption-free migration process for dealers using existing services. In most cases, no action will need to be taken.

The Ultimate Automotive App Store

If you're a dealer seeking to incorporate new services into your Dealership, the Fortellis Marketplace has got you covered. Marketplace serves as a one stop shop for dealers to discover and subscribe to a growing list of offerings to meet their unique needs. Just like “app” stores in other industries, the Fortellis Marketplace is a diverse app store tailored for automotive retail, featuring offerings from various publishers including CDK Global.

Dealership authorized signers can use their ConnectCDK credentials to subscribe to new app offerings in just a few clicks. Many services, based on their complexity, will be ready for use on the very same day.

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Modern APIs vs Partner
Program PIPs

As part of an ongoing commitment to innovation, CDK will be introducing new, modern APIs on the Fortellis platform. These APIs have been designed to be more powerful and efficient than the PIP integrations currently offered by the Partner Program. The modern APIs leverage open-source code, ensuring compatibility with virtually any development tool, as well as the power of REST/JSON to deliver faster and more efficient integrations.

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Fortellis FAQs for Dealers

How do I begin subscribing to Apps in the Fortellis Marketplace?

The Fortellis Marketplace allows dealers to easily discover new apps to fit their unique needs. This one-stop-shop lets dealers quickly review solution details and enable the service simply by clicking the purple Activate button. Dealers do not need to create a Fortellis account to activate a Fortellis App within the Marketplace. Simply click the Activate or Subscribe button on any listing and sign in with your ConnectCDK credentials to complete the enrollment process.

I use eStore to approve Third-Party Partners. How do I do this with Fortellis?

Within the App Marketplace, dealers can quickly review third-party solution details and enable the service simply by clicking the purple Activate button. Authorized signers at the dealership can use their ConnectCDK credentials to authorize third-party partner access to the required systems and consent to use with just a few clicks. Most services will be available for use the same day, depending on the complexity of the solution. More information can be found in this Fortellis Resources Article.

Who has authority to activate an app on Fortellis?

Apps within the Fortellis Marketplace follow the same concept of authorized signers that dealers have used for years with CDK eStore. If a dealership restricts who can agree to third-party apps in eStore, the same permission is synchronized with Fortellis.

What do I need to do to migrate my Third-Party Partners to Fortellis?

As a dealer leveraging Partner Program integrations, you don’t need to take any action. Modern APIs on Fortellis are being rolled out in waves. A roadmap of this rollout can be found on the Fortellis migration page for developers. When an equivalent of modern APIs on Fortellis to an existing CDK Partner Program PIP integration is reached, Fortellis will contact the partner to begin the migration process. Upon migration completion, your current integrations will automatically convert to a new Fortellis App Subscription with no interruption to your services.

How will partners migrating to Fortellis affect my dealership?

When a CDK Partner migrates their App to Fortellis, your current subscriptions will automatically convert to a new Fortellis App subscription. This process is seamless and designed to be completed with no action needed on your part and no interruption of service.

Where can I see a list of apps activated for my dealership?

Dealers can view a full list of all Apps within the Fortellis App Management screen. This interface allows you to manage activations, deactivations, configurations, locations and assignments as well as review signed agreements.

How will new vendors integrate with our CDK systems?

Developers can start using Fortellis right away. This self-service tool allows developers to quickly create a developer account, create app projects and begin testing API integrations in a matter of minutes. Once ready, a new streamlined certification process makes taking concept to usable App integration easy for any developer. When the App is ready, an authorized signer at your dealership can activate new integrations with just a few clicks.