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With the sunsetting of the CDK Global Partner Program, CDK and Fortellis are dedicated to keeping our independent software vendor (ISV) partners up to date on the status of the migration from the current Partner Program to the Fortellis platform.

Automotive Solutions

Fortellis has been at the forefront of the automotive industry, providing cutting-edge API solutions accessible to the automotive developer community and cementing its position as the go-to destination for those wishing to create dealer applications.

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You can take your data to the next level with the support of Fortellis' state-of-the-art integration tools. Neuron-driven business logic helps fuel automotive innovation and collaboration through modern APIs.

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The Fortellis platform consists of three primary parts:

developer network

Software engineers and developers can collaborate, share and connect through APIs.


Developers can integrate with Fortellis APIs and build best-in-class apps to be published on the Fortellis Marketplace.


Developers and thought leaders can connect, communicate and exchange ideas.

With its innovative features, structure and content, Fortellis is poised to revolutionize the auto industry. We encourage partners from all over the automotive industry to join the platform and introduce their own ideas to the market.

What This Means for Developers

Fortellis allows ISVs to take advantage of standard connections, making it easier for products and services to integrate into existing workflows. You'll be able to use our rich set of tools and cutting-edge technological engine to revolutionize the efficiency and output of automotive technology apps.

Migration Timelines

If you’re a developer in the Partner Program, you’ll receive an email to let you know when you need to complete your migration to Fortellis. This schedule has been determined by the date on which the integrations you use in your current products will be made available as new APIs on Fortellis.

Please see the approximate release schedule for the initial APIs below:

CDK API Wave Roadmap*

Functionality Timeline

API Domain
Wave 1
April 2023
Wave 2
July 2023
Wave 3
Oct 2023
Wave 4
Jan 2024
Wave 5
Customer GET – (Bulk & Delta) POST Async    
Documents     POST    
Employee GET – (Bulk & Delta)        
FI Sales GET – (Bulk & Delta) GET (History) Async    
Inventory Vehicle       GET & Async  
Make Model GET – (Bulk & Delta)        
Op Code GET – (Bulk & Delta)        
Parts Inventory     GET, POST & Async    
Parts Order     GET, POST    
Parts Sales GET – (Bulk & Delta) GET (History) & Async POST    
Parts Special Order     GET, POST & Async    
Service Appointment GET – Bulk & Delta Async     POST
Service Repair Order GET – Bulk & Delta GET History, Async     POST
Service Vehicle     GET, Async    
We Owe     GET & Async    

*This table includes CDK Global product roadmap information. Such information represents CDK's current intentions regarding the products and feature/functionality described herein; however, such information is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to change at any time (and for any reason or no reason) without noticed from CDK. In no event shall the information contained in this table be construed as a commitment by CDK to make any such products or feature/functionality available or be deemed to be incorporated into any contract with CDK. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such information should not be relied upon in making decisions about whether and on what terms to conduct business (or to continue conducting business) with CDK. The information in this presentation is confidential and proprietary to CDK and may not be disclosed without the express prior written consent of CDK.


Be sure to bookmark this page to view the latest updates, timeframes and announcements.

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