Giving Service customers a lift has
never been this easy, or rewarding.

Now you can deliver simple, professional and more effective
customer service while reducing dealership expenses.

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Hailer takes your customers where they need to go

And drives your dealership where you want it to go.

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Getting your customers from your dealership’s Service department to their next destination can be a
time-consuming and profit-reducing experience. But not anymore. Powered by Lyft and available on the Fortellis platform, Hailer's ride-sharing technology can now be integrated within CDK Drive Service so you can get your customers where they need to go in less time and at less cost.

One setup.

Simple. Professional. Effective.

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Get your customers where they need to go and keep your Service department moving.

Hailer makes customer service a better experience for you and them. Setup is simple and the benefits make getting from point A to point B quick and easy.

Dealers using Hailer are experiencing:

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Reduced Operational Costs

Discover how you can eliminate the day-to-day headaches — and expenses — of maintaining loaners, shuttles and rentals from your bottom line.

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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Reduced wait times have proven to increase customer satisfaction with your Service department.

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Increased Functionality

Your Service Advisors will appreciate the integrated system workflows

  • Auto populate customer’s contact information
  • Seamless ride cost reimbursement from OEMs for warranty work
  • Ride charges are automatically captured on repair orders
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Take a look.

Hailer In Action

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See how Hailer has already helped dealers like
Volkswagen of Chicago reduce their costs and
increase their CSI.


Hailer Delivery for Parts

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The Hailer Delivery add-on for Parts brings the capabilities of Hailer to your Parts department workflow. Now your dealership's Parts department can employ the power of Hailer to meet your daily parts delivery needs.

  • Assign Parts team members access from CDK Drive or CDK Service
  • Request a pickup or delivery with the same on-demand functions used by Service
  • Changes are posted directly to a Parts invoice

All Parts-related transactions can be tracked within the Hailer dashboard to provide department-level insight. Custom delivery rules help keep your Parts department within budget.

ROI Calculator

See What Hailer Can Do For You

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Reducing your reliance on shuttle and loaner fleets won't just reduce headaches, it will also increase your bottom line. See for yourself how the benefits will add up by entering in your dealership's data below.

Plug in your dealership's numbers for fields highlighted in blue below. The remaining fields are assumptions, but can be edited at your discretion to better match your particular operations.

Current shuttle fleet
Current loaner fleet
Ridesharing utilization rate %
R.O. Volume / month
Median Lyft Price (1 ride) $
Shuttle driver salary / Month $
Taxes, health insurance, sick leave $
Shuttle driving days / month
Maintenance cost / mile $
Fuel price per gallon $
Shuttle MPG MPG
Shuttle Miles / month
Shuttle Bus Insurance / month $
Average Cost / Loaner car / month $
Increase in RO throughput with Lyft %
Average revenue increase / RO $
Previous Cost
Revised Transportation Costs
Hailer Costs
HAILER Revenue Add
ROI is your potential rate of return. Results are not a guarantee and may vary.
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Wait, Hailer can do all this?!?

Yes It Can.

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Discover more integration benefits of Hailer

One Step Sign-In

No need for a separate login. Hailer is part
of your CDK Drive DMS and requires no
additional sign-in steps

Direct Information Delivery

Hailer Ride IDs, dollar amounts and
customer destinations are added directly to
repair orders as a sublet line

No-Sweat Accounting

Enables a smoother accounting experience for rides and warranty claims for customer transportation

Support When You Need it

A direct CDK Account Manager is there to assist you with any Hailer questions or issues and will assist with Lyft concerns such as lost items, etc.

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Set Your Limits

Granular controls keep operational costs in check for ride shares

  • Set a maximum dollar cost for a single ride
  • Specify a maximum travel distance
See the Whole Picture

Hailer dashboard shows a 360-degree real-time view of pending, accepted, arrived, dropped off or cancelled rides

Personal Reporting

On-Demand Reporting is customizable and dowloadable to CSV (Excel)

  • Select date range
  • Show or hide specific columns (ride status, customer name, date, cost, memo, dispatcher/advisor and more)
No More Redos

Customer information is auto-filled from repair order; no rekeying is required

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